About Me

I’m pretty sure I have had a camera in my hand almost daily since I got a pink Polariod for my sixth birthday…that was a long time ago. I have the most vivid memories when I look back at the photos I have taken, from the ones of my sisters dressed up with their dolls, to the self portrait I took that one time I was secretly in love with a boy, to the photo of my daughter dancing around a back alley in Southern California with a bunch of red heart balloons for Valentine’s Day and the most perfect golden light I’ve ever seen. These moments are my story, and documenting them brings me so much joy.

Documenting and collecting memories is what I do. I want to be there to catch an epic sunset, or rock some stormy clouds while running through a field with the love of your life after getting engaged. I want you to remember how gorgeous your flowers and dress were on your wedding day. Those moments right after you say, “I DO,” when you are just so freakin happy, and how you could not stop smiling the entire day. All the kisses, hugs, laughter and dancing. That time while you’re pregnant, cuddling on your bed, awaiting the best day of your life. And all those birthdays, holidays and random moments in between, because those are your story, and I LOVE a good story.