Well, Valentine’s Day is officially in less than a month, how crazy is that?! I posted this Yarn Heart Banner I made on Instagram and had so many messages for a tutorial, so here it is! I did this project with Ellia, she loved wrapping the heart with yarn! We did the same thing for Christmas and used a tree shape, so this can definitely be adapted for every holiday. How cute would a bunny and egg one be for Easter?!
 Foam board (dollar store)
white glue
Xacto/utility knife
plastic mat for cutting/cutting board
heat cookie cutter or draw a heart and cut it out to trace
For Arrow – Optional
I had a heart cookie cutter so I just pushed it into the foam board creating an indent. You can freehand or make a template to trace if you don’t have a cookie cutter. Cut out the heart, I prefer an Xacto knife but you can also use scissors.
 Turn over and put glue all over the back.
 Wrap the yarn around tightly from the back a few times and then flip over to finish wrapping so you can see what it looks like from the front.
 When you have covered all the foam board, turn over to the back, and tie a knot to hold it in place.
 If you want to make an arrow going through the heart, cut out the arrow part and the back (does that thing have a name? Probably…) I just free handed these.  Repeat the above steps with the arrow. Stick a toothpick in both of the pieces and then into the heart.
Repeat for as many hearts as you want in your banner! Once you are done, it’s time to sting them together. I had this long plastic needle, but you can also just put a piece of tape around the end so it’s easier to string it through the back.
Voila!! Such a fun, and simple Valentine’s/everyday project!
I decided to add pompoms and tassels to the end of mine as well, I think it would be cute with pompoms between each heart! So here is my 2 minute pompom tutorial.
 Spread 3 fingers and wrap yarn around them.
Keep wrapping until it’s really full.
Carefully remove the yarn off your fingers, cinching in the center.  Tightly tie a piece of yarn around the middle. Take your scissors and cut the loops all around the entire ball.
Trim off pieces so it’s all the same and super fluffy! So easy, right?!
Would love to see if you make your own version of this banner, tag @natspencer so I can admire your work!
xo Nat