Day 2183 of quarantine. But in all seriousness, this past month has been crazy. March started off with so much love, I got to photograph a maternity and a newborn session and then had my studio minis in my home. Being able to go into clients homes and have them over to mine was something I always took for granted, never did I think that it wouldn’t be possible. I love having people over, I love sharing my space with them and creating pretty images around the most special times in their lives.  The mini sessions really filled me up with love and joy. Seeing some old faces and meeting new ones, was really so incredible for me.  I know I’ve said it a million times, but I am truly beyond grateful to each and every one of you that came over and shared your beautiful families with me. The second half of my minis was postponed due to this insane pandemic that we are all living through right now, but I cannot wait for live to go back to normal and see everyone soon!


In light of the crazy situation, I decided to give double the photos agreed upon for these sessions in hopes that they would put a smile on their faces, because they definitely did on mine 🙂 Here is a little preview of all the goodness from that weekend!








xox Nat