Before Christmas last year, Crate & Barrel Canada reached out to me about a fun opportunity, a friendly Christmas decor challenge with 2 other amazing, local-ish  content creators. I had so much fun styling and designing something unique with their gorgeous pieces and was over the moon when I won! The other two ladies did the most amazing job and I was so  thrilled to be a part of something so awesome!

When Crate & Barrel Canada reached out to do a collaboration for Easter/Spring, of course I jumped on the opportunity. As the month went on, the world found itself in a state of emergency, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken over and left us all self isolating and social distancing, which has been extremely challenging for everyone. Even though we may not be able to have a big Easter dinner or hosting a Spring dinner with our family and friends, that does not mean that we can forget about decorating or celebrating.

I’ve written about this many times before, making things beautiful for no reason kind of defines who I am. It’s something my grandma did, my mom has always done and still does, and my sisters and I do also. It’s nature to me, it doesn’t matter what it is, I want it to look pretty. As I was putting together this table, I was thinking about the simple thought of putting together a tablescape, even if it is just for a small intimate gathering with your husband and kids. Or maybe it’s just for yourself…I use my good plates for a grilled cheese sandwich in the middle of a workday…no joke. My family never did buffet style meals. My mom ALWAYS set the table and served individual plates. (ok so that’s changed a little with so many various diets these days we have adapted, but we still set the table, MOST of the time)  I’ve seen how when neighbours kids come into the house and I have a little set up on the table, or over Christmas when I had decorated way too early, the kids would swoon and comment on how pretty it looked. The thing is, I don’t do it for others, I don’t do it for Instagram, I do it for me, and my family. I’ve been doing this way before Pinterest and Instagram existed, before forums and blogs and the internet was even a thing.

Most of the time I am using stuff that I have, things I’ve collected over the years of buying stuff, “just because I will need it someday for something.” Somethings I have acquired through collaborations or purchased for specific content creating jobs. But here’s the thing, you can just use what you have, you don’t need to go all out on new items! However the one non-negotiable for me is fresh flowers…I know thats dramatic, but they really brighten my days 🙂

I’ve put together a couple tips for putting together a tablescape, even it is just a date night in, or a Zoom Easter dinner over the internet with your family!

*Use the good plates! Or if you only have one set, that’s ok, use them all. Layer that salad plate on your dinner plate even if you’re eating chicken fingers and fries.

*Put out the cutlery at each place setting…it looks fancy that way.

*Use napkins, even if they are just paper napkins, patterned or white, put them out.

*Use a flower, treat or something to decorate the place setting. Maybe you have some old napkin holders you got as a wedding gift, use them now!

*FRESH FLOWERS!! Even if it is just a $12 bunch of tulips from the grocery store you can throw in a vase or water pitcher. Up here in Ottawa, flowers are both expensive and hard to find anything super unique unless you spend a small fortune. It’s ok, an $8 bunch of spray roses will do the trick 🙂

I had this thought when I was picking my Crate & Barrel products to use these ice cream cups two different ways. First, as a little dessert cup with Easter chocolates in them, and the other as little flower pots. All you need is a floral frog, mine is this one from Michael’s  or you can find one on Amazon like this.  I tape it down with green floral tape and then you just stick the flowers in!

You can also use faux flowers which you can buy almost anywhere, they can look pretty and are reusable. There is also the option for blooming branches, or pussy willow. In fall I’ve been known to cut small branches with colourful leaves and stick them in vases on my table.

* Use a cake plate to put some decorations on if you’re not having a cake or treats! Having different heights adds interest. You can also use things like terracotta pots and their bases from the dollar store to elevate some items (check out below, I used them for candles and the ceramic bunnies!)

* Use a wicker or other basket and fill with eggs! The white ones are from the dollarama and are plastic! You could also hard boil and colour, paint or dye them.

* Put down a tablecloth or use craft paper as a runner down the centre of your table, or placemats if you have them.


Table #1

Table #2


I would love to know which tables cape you like better in the comments! And please be sure to tag me if you do your own little get together, it makes me so happy 🙂


xox Nat


The post was a part of a collaboration with Crate & Barrel Canada, all ideas and opinions are my own.


Love! Thanks for sharing!