Seems like quarantining allows for some blogging time, who knew! I really wanted to put up a shelf in Ellia’s washroom and I’ve been obsessed with the arc shape forever, but especially since my sister used it as part of Luna’s first birthday decor back in June and then turned that same piece into a shelf of her own. I don’t own a jigsaw, (birthday present anyone?!) and I wasn’t overly interested in hitting up Home Depot so I was trying to think of another idea on how I could make my arc shelf dreams come true.


Inspo from my sister –

Well one night while I was sleeping, this idea came to me loud and clear and the next day, it happened with stuff I had around the house!

What you need:

A shelf/bracket – This one is from Ikea


protractor (or a pencil and string like I used)

scissors/utility knife



tape measure

painters tape

small tub of paint – I used Valspar Sun Tan

First I made the arc shape out of cardboard and taped it up on the wall where I wanted it. Then I held up the shelf, used a pencil and a ruler to trace out the size I wanted the back of the shelf to be. Next I applied the painters tape, and traced the arc. Then I filled it all in with 3 coats of paint! I also painted the shelf itself to match and voila! My arc shelf dreams came true 🙂 You could use a floating shelf, or any other type of shelf you may have, this one I had used in my bedroom in the last house and it wasn’t being used at the moment. Style with some of your favourite items and sit back and look at your sweet little arc shelf!

xox nat